Eligibility & Policies

Age Limits

There is an age limit on interscholastic competition. You may not have reached your 19th birthday by June 30 immediately preceding the school year, or your 15th birthday where competition occurs in grades 7 and 8.

No Physical - No Practice

Every student athlete must have a physician's certificate and parent's or guardian's certificate signed by a licensed physician and the parent or guardian before that student is eligible for practice or competition. NO STUDENT MAY PRACTICE OR COMPETE UNTIL THEY HAVE FULFILLED THIS REQUIREMENT.


Students who report later than 8:30 a.m. are not permitted to stay after school for any reason. Students are not permitted to return in the evening to participate in any event, including practice. Students who have a doctor’s excuse must bring in the excuse before the scheduled event or practice, and the doctor may be contacted to verify the excuse.


Students who are failing one or more full credit subjects are NOT permitted to play in a game/match. They are NOT permitted to sit on the team bench during a game/match.  The student is NOT permitted to travel with the team to an away game/match. The student is only permitted to practice with the team at the coach’s discretion. Teachers are requested to input any student-athlete grades under 65% each Thursday by 4:00 p.m. in order to determine weekly eligibility.


Students who are suspended (ISS or OSS) are not permitted to participate in any way on the day(s) of suspensions. This includes ½ days, and also weekends if a suspension extends over the weekend into the next week.  Students assigned detention are permitted to participate on day(s) of detention, but may be excluded at coach’s discretion.